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typed-for-miles asked:

Just read that article on the American Childbirth thing. So freaking terrifying. I sort of like my health care provider, but I'm not sure I'd like it when it comes to pregnancy/delivering. I think the contract gets renewed in October so I'm going to see if maybe they'll let me switch insurance companies. Also, my sister's mother-in-law is a midwife in Boston, and she's coming to visit this month. Definitely going to ask her a million questions.

chateaux answered:

You know how I feel on this topic so I won’t go into that too much here.  Ask her all sorts of questions - I’m sure she’ll be an excellent resource for you.  I wish more people would research ALL their options to find the best birth plan for them - one that works best for mama and baby.

As John put it when he was writing a testimonial for our birth instructor:
I believe that everyone is entitled to whatever birth experience best suits their personal beliefs.  I can’t help but think, though, that natural, unmedicated birth would become our cultural norm if its benefits were more widely understood.  I grew up with movies and tv shows that dramatized birth as an act of agony and panic, all of which did a good job of generally scaring the bejesus out of everyone, broadly leading our society to wonder how can women do that?  Even worse, I think at the root of that question was doubt that women could deliver without a doctor’s help.  But the truth is that women absolutely can deliver without intervention of any type, and furthermore, they have the instinct and ability to be really good at it.” 

I think he sums it up nicely. :)

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